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Headquarters of Urban GmbH & Co. Maschinenbau KG: 87700 Memmingen, Germany
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Personally liable partner: Urban management company mbH, (Tax office Memmingen HRB 8139)
Legal form: limited liability company & limited partnership (GmbH & Co. KG)

Managing Directors: Josef Urban, Peter Urban, Martin Urban

Applicable law: Law of the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG)

Tax office Memmingen:
Sales tax identification number: DE 129087199

General Terms and Conditions (ABG):
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Responsible Chamber
Chamber of Commerce and Industry Swabia
Stettenstraße 1 + 3, 86150 Augsburg, Deutschland
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Telefax: +49 821 3162-323

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Object of the company of Urban GmbH & Co. Maschinenbau KG:
Representation, administration and management of companies that have as object, production and distribution of electrotechnical devices, machines with accessories, devices of cooling and heating technology

Battery Act (BattG):
Instructions for returning batteries in accordance with §18 BattG:

In connection with the sale of batteries or rechargeable batteries or with the delivery of devices that contain batteries or rechargeable batteries, Urban GmbH & Co. Maschinenbau KG is obliged to point out the following to the user in accordance with the Battery Act:

Batteries may not be disposed of with household rubbish. The end user is legally obliged to return used batteries. The user can return batteries free of charge after use at the point of sale or in the immediate vicinity (e.g. at municipal collection points or in stores). The user also has the option of sending batteries back by post. The user can contact their installation company for return.

Batteries or rechargeable batteries that contain pollutants are marked with the symbol of a crossed out garbage can. The chemical name of the pollutant is located near the garbage can symbol.
Explanation: Cd stands for cadmium, Pb for lead and Hg for mercury.

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