Destacking on Trolleys

Flexible storing of elements can be so easy.
Drawing Destacking in trolley


High-end automation is not always the only solution when it‘s about perfect logistics in the manufacturing process. Our destacking trolley system ASW-Compact, for example, is a low-priced and highly flexible solution for storing elements.

For companies with single line production we can offer a flexible option for the storage of elements.

It’s so easy: The ASW consists of two trolleys with 8 compartments each. They just dock on the swivel table after the corner cleaner and are filled automatically. Once the 16 compartments have been loaded, both trolleys are just exchanged. Elements are taken to the different machining stations.

„This kind of destacking ensures that the further process will not block the welding-cleaning line which can continue working in the determined cycle."



By the way, the size of the element is no issue. No matter if smaller windows with 300 x 300mm or bigger units with up to 2500 x 2500 mm are involved. There is encough space available in the ASWCompact-System.


Keep on welding in cycles!

Urban’s destacking trolley system is ideal for joineries and window production companies which intend to do process optimization but where a fully-automatic destacking shelf of the ASR type cannot be applied for reasons of space.

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