Nice corners - the ultimate Benchmark

A clear focus on: Nice corners for coloured window and door profiles are the ultimate benchmark in modern window and door production. However, there is not only one ideal solution available on the contrary:

There are many ways to reach the goal - and that’s exactly what our commitment is:

As the leading supplier of machinery technology in the PVC window industry, we know that the individual process optimization is decisive. Consequently we can offer you a couple of new options:

It can be the new Vario-Cut-II-welding procedure with three-dimensional milling in our welding machinery generation AKS 9600 Cut,

but also our V-groove technology with wrap around fixtures and final colour optimization in the cleaning process.

Especially this versatility and flexibility offer you completely new possibilities as you will find for each production environment the suitable solution by Urban. The basis for this are the differents toolings for the milling, welding and cleaning processes.

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This is all the same as there are various designations in the technical jargon of different countries and regions.

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In general, special, complex and high-quality welding fixtures (toolings) are involved to ensure an optimal and visual top result after welding and cleaning of colour profiles!