Now also automatic for aluminium

An automatic logistics system for elements made from aluminium.

The planning of a logistics system for the aluminium windows already began at the beginning of 2019. At the time defined sizes of the elements as well as defined procedures within the logistics had already been established with the team from FeBa. Through the development of various layouts we were able to determine case studies for multiple units / day and refine these. At that time the start of production was firmly focussed on a new location for January 2021.

After the theory comes the practice:

FeBa wanted to demonstrate an enormous potential for further development for their company and help to achieve a competitive edge with Urban.

Aim of the undertaking:
The aim of the undertaking was the switch from workbench production to flow production on an industrial scale. Optimal production flow, that had to be partly automated.

Technical challenge:
The product range went far beyond individual wings and blind frames and their combining.

As a special feature elements were transported, whose attachments were mounted towards the contact surface. In this case these elements were not special elements, rather standard.

Together with FeBa Urban had to create the possibility, that these elements could also be decoupled temporarily in the buffer.

Since the Urban logistics system is a part of the complete production process, a design with extensions of the transport routes, cycle times and buffer places had to be ensured. This way we could contribute towards the basis for further growth.

The production has been equipped by Urban with the following operating facilities:
• Stacking racks with 72 compartments and a compartment width of 180 mm
• 43 meter travel and a travel speed of the travel unit up to 3m/sec
• Automatic inward and outward travel tracks to the 6 workplaces
• The transfer of the finished elements to glazing takes place automatically
• Glass logistics system with 60 compartments and a capacity of up to 180 panes
• Manual distribution system of the glazed elements
The combination of a distribution buffer system with a glass logistics system has proven successful, and contributes towards the success of FeBa.



Be there live with the customer during aluminum window production.



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