PVC- Timber or ALU-Window sashes?

It actually doesn’t matter - thanks to the maximum flexibility of the new sash hardware assembly unit
PVC- Wood- or ALU Innovation

«It’s really crazy to see what important role different materials can play! For me it’s great that even windows can be used to experiment with. There are many modern houses getting their cool look by one thing: Their windows!“ says Lars.

The window manufacturer in the second generation must laugh when he starts getting enthusiastic about his job.

Everybody knows that an old farm house enjoys that cozy touch through timber window frames whilst modern homes get their clean look by aluminium window sashes.

So far, there is not only an optical difference in production of sashes. Screwing of sash hardware is done automatically through screwing units respectively hardware assembly units. However - not always:

Depending on the material of the window sash, it can be screwed with a machine or still manually.

Automatic sash assembly units were EXCLUSIVELY used for PVC windows so far.
As work is done with timber and aluminium elements as well, we developed a new flexibility class for our sash assembly units.

Therefore we have now the following new automatic sash assembly units available:

Automatic units for the hardware assembly of PVC, timber and aluminium window sashes.

1. Automatic units for hardware assembly of wooden sashes:
Stronger motors and different speed!

2. Automatic units for hardware assembly of aluminium sashes:
Lighter motor with more pushing power!

That means little adaptations on the machine required to make sure it can handle one of the three materials.

What other advantages are involved with the new automatic hardware assembly units?
● Greater decision-making freedom ✅
● Flexibility ✅

But not only that!

Compared with manual screwing, automatic hardware assembly ensures:
● more efficiency ✅
● lower costs✅

What remains the same and and what’s new?
«As usual»:
1. Sash is made available to the operator.
2. Scanning of sash.
3. Data are on the screen showing what goes where.
4. Clipping of sash hardware.
5. Parts to be cut in length can be handled via a gear cropper.
6. Sash is placed on a predefined position.
7. Automatic infeed of sash from operator’s workplace into the automatic hardware unit
8. Where all hardware elements are automatically screwed.

-> optimal efficiency and high quality!

Afterwards automatic outfeed of the frame with vertical positioning through tiling table.

What follows next?
● Storing in buffer system
● Assignment of fitting frame
● Automatic transport via roller conveyor of frame towards sash


It’s great that the automatic screwing unit can machine all of the 3 materials (wood-PVC-Alu) by doing some minor structural modifications!

Wood window

Besides the extension to wood and aluminium, we also have changed the following: There are now two different versions available of the automatic screwing units.
One automatic unit with two screws and the other with four screws.
It’s pretty cool to be able now to handle up to four different screw lengths with our screw feed system for this automatic hardware unit.

Moreover, our new automatic hardware assembly units for sashes are provided with the following features:

1. Flexibility based on modules
The unit is module-based i.e. you get everything you want but not more than you need!
Individually combinable and therefore perfectly adapted to your production requirements!

AKS 3900 Profitability - long service life

2. Super quick! Short cycle times due to independet screwing aggregates!

A super fast unit thanks to short cycle times!
We’re talking about of 45 to 120 seconds per cycle.
This is possible not least because of the four independent screwing aggregates.

3. Automatic detection of screwing faults
Screwing faults can be detected directly and automatically!
Optional outfeed of elements via roller conveyor possible.
One way or another: In view of quality there will be no one around anymore to tell you how to do things right!

4. Automatic closing of tilt stays!
The tilt stay which is extended before screwing will be automatically closed after screwing by the automatic hardware assembly unit. No matter if work is done with two or four screws. So everything’s directly ready for buffering.

5. User-friendly with screen in central position
As the machines are generally identicial both in view of structure and function, they are also identical for the operator. No matter what material is used for the window. Moreover, an extremely clearly arranged control ensures that the operator can supervise the machining process quite easily.



Proven machining stations made by Urban had been combined in this high-quality sash assembly station: BMT 2500 (preliminary assembly station), FBA 2500 (4 axes automatic screwing unit) and ST 1600 S (swivel table for sash outfeed).

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6. Changing the profile or hardware – don’t panic, it’s quite easy!
It won’t be a problem if you decide to use another profile for your automatic hardware unit. When you change the window profile producer, our position is completey neutral! What does that mean?
It means that we receive information about the new system to be used. Then we transmit via remote maintenance the software programs being required for the new profiles. Remote maintenance is done by our expert who will connect his PC with your machine PC to transmit the corresponding data. Super practical! So you can directly continue working with the new profiles. The same applies to hardware. On changing the hardware element, we only have to change master data for the hardware unit. Then you can work with the new hardware manufacturer.

7. Oldie but Goldie? Compressed air motors and now also electric screwdrivers!
From now on all automatic screwing units can also be operated with electric screwdrivers. Besides the pneumatic motors, electric ones will also be applied from this year on! With our automatic sash assembly stations consisting of the modular combination of BMT 2500 (preliminary assembly station), FBA 2500 (4 axes automatic screwing unit) and ST 1600 S (swivel table for sash outfeed), you can handle elements made of wood, PVC and aluminium both with the electric or the compressed air screwdriver.

This is achieved now with maximum efficiency and flexibility!

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