Keeping pace is of utmost importance in our digital times. Therefore, we have a separate department with several software devlopers being in charge of implementing things that are required by the market respectively our customers in their production. Networking of production machinery and P/C’s in the field of work planning as well as PC workplaces in offices and order administration are today’s standards by using server and cloud technologies.

Process control of all components such as machines and their elements communicate within a network and signalize the corresponding status automatically respectively on demand so that those in charge are informed at any time. The most important tasks for such a perfect process as follows:



That’s why we are already working today on…


Industry 4.0

Urban Digital Industrie 4.0

Client-Server-Architecture/Cloud Server (64 Bit /SSL codification) with user administration and authentication systems through used name/password with various authorization levels.
Clients (Desktop-PC) can communicate with it via web interface with browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge as well as smartphones or tablets IOS/Android and other systems. Concurrency through asynchronous control of server logistics allows quick processing times of inquiries for Client <-> server-structures. The base is created by several frameworks.

All this is ensured in future by production supervision of a complete machine line in real time on Desktop-PC, smartphone and tablets from everywhere (worldwide) and wireless via internet. In the distant future it might be even possible to have an artificial intelligence (AI) based development, controlled via IOT.

Practical application! Your advantage:

There are hundreds of customers working already today with URBAN software solutions in their internal production process. We control everything in the internal production process and communicate with your window production software by providing and receiving data. There is a direct communication with machinery controls as it is done e.g. for welding/cleaning lines, screwing units etc. We administer sash buffers, control distribution buffer systems and discuss with you in detail the best possible strategy for logistics and order management to make sure that you will have a smooth, fast and clearly arranged production! Moreover, we ensure real time supervision of various line sections in a virtual environment. We record your production data, read and manage data sets of your window production software. Modern PC’s with industrial-suited configuration coupled with radio or corded scanner are set „ready for operation“ and delivered so that your staff members can focus on production. Configuration and parameter changes can be implemented through a modern and individual surface. New technologies allow an up-to-date presentation of individual views.

Everything from one source to ensure a smooth production in your company with a complete overview in your manufacturing process.  Networking and linking of data are indispensable today!


URBAN …more than only machinery!

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