Very high demand for Urban technology


For the window con­struction branch the year 2021 was also completely dominated by the Corona pandemic. Like mechan­ical engineering, for the production industry, the focus was primarily on the global scarcity of raw materials and the associ­ated price increases. We – and consequently you too were affected.

"Despite all the difficulties we have come through the crisis year 2021 better than originally expected, the demand for our High-End solutions is consistently high. With incoming orders we were even able to achieve a new record", stated Martin Urban, managing partner of Urban GmbH & Co. Maschinenbau KG. The great Run is presently continuing on the innovative CUT-welding technology of Urban, which enables outstanding window surfaces without visible groove. The Urban-technology has straightaway established itself as new benchmark.

Not only in Central Europe are the High-End machines from Urban in great demand, but also, for example, in Great Britain. "The company is trying to compensate the skills shortage caused by Brexit with machine technology. We have already had inquiries with deliveries up to the end of 2023 and into 2024", declared Urban. Not only the welding and plastering technology, but also the versatile logistics solutions from Urban record a very high demand.

"Here it is not only about the efficiency in the production process, but also about the wellbeing of the employees. Because the window and door elements in modern residential construction are getting bigger and bigger and consequently also heavier. It is all the more important to physically relieve the people in the production department. With our intelligent stacking-, sorting- and transport solutions, we therefore pursue process optimization in several respects. Because we accelerate the processes in assembly, at the same time we increase the employee satisfaction at our customers", explained Fred-Karsten Karl from Urban Sales. In the meantime the innovative Urban ideas are also in great demand in the aluminium sector.

Urban was not spared from the material scarcity and the price rises. "In contrast to others however, we have profited from our high depth of production. Some components that were not available, we simply manufactured ourselves. Our team showed once again, that one can always rely on Urban", said Martin Urban happily.

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AKS 9600-CUT
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