Wrap around fixtures - Inner Corner Restriction - Q-Form Premium

This is all the same as there are various designations in the technical jargon of different countries and regions.


In general, special, complex and high-quality welding fixtures (toolings) are involved to ensure an optimal and visual top result after welding and cleaning of colour profiles!

Regarding sashes, for example, the round or bevelled inner corner is restricted with adapted knives to avoid that the weld bead will swell in an uncontrolled way on all visible surfaces. That’s how it is be ensured that the subsequent toolings of a corner cleaning machine are used „right on target“ to achieve the requested perfect optical result.

In order be be able to materialize this, the visible surfaces of a sash profile (for example in a 4-head welding machine) must be completely enclosed by the knives. Due to the weld bead caused by burn-off, the complete element (depending on cross section of profile) is locked-in respectively clamped in the fixture. Now, a sophisticated functional process is required for the welding machine. Moreover, a transport conveyor adjustable in height is necessary for automatic outfeed of the element for further processing in the automatic corner cleaning machine.

Please note: The welding fixture alone is not the solution as the weelding machine also needs different options and preparations to make sure that this kind of procedure can be done. As you see, a whole lot of technique is involved with this concept.

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