HS 0573, HS 0576 I Manual grooving units

for removal of welding beads on PVC window profiles in the transom, cross and angle area


  • Steplessly adjustable cutting length
  • Pneumatic grooving knife feed
  • Use of different grooving knives is possible
  • Automatic centering at weld bead
  • Pneumatic profile clamping with automatic profile height adaptation
  • Variable and easy grooving knife change for different groove variants
  • HS 0573 - Double-sided operation through pneumatic cylinder
  • HS 0576 - Single-sided operation
  • HS 0573 - Also appropriate for V-transoms and mullions for inward and outward opening windows
  • HS 0576 - Universally applicable for angles from 0° to 180° and arch connections


  • Several grooving knife variants

Hand using tools

Take a look at the Urban solutions at the video: Hand using tools