DGU 600 | Double mitre saw

extremely flexible double mitre saw for PVC and aluminium window profiles


  • Windows-based industrial touch-PC
  • Clearly arranged graphic display of the work process
  • Electronic positioning control with zero-backlash spindle drive
  • Pneumatic aggregate adjustment 45°-90°-135°
  • Pneumatic saw blade feed
  • Double cut possiblel
  • Sash point cutting function without re-clamping
  • Synchronised cutting function
  • Waste and cuttings tray
  • Profile support roller conveyor mounted to the saw head
  • Clamping cylinders, horizontal and vertical
  • Centre stabilisation fixture as profile support
  • Stop for short workpieces can be selected pneumatically
  • Easy data connection
  • Service-friendly, easily accessible design
  • Remote maintenance


  • Infinitely variable electronic saw head adjustment (45° - 135°) with servo axis drive
  • Waste conveyor integrated in the machine bed
  • Barcode printer
  • Hydro-pneumatic saw blade feed
  • Saw blade spraying device for aluminium profiles
  • Excess length cutting function
  • Extraction system

What else you should know


Secure Identification...

The barcode printer can be used for printing the corresponding label for identifying the profile bars in the downstream production process.

Versatile Cuts...

Automatic pivoting of the saw units permits automatic cutting of V and Y sash bars without the need for manual turning or re-clamping of the profile bar.

Maximum Accuracy...

The vertical and horizontal clamping units that are integrated into the basic machine guarantee perfect profile positioning during sawing.