GLS 200/S | Automatic glazing bead saw

for simultaneous automatic cutting of two glazing beads at 45°


  • Automatic cutting of two glazing beads in a 45° angle cut with undercutting of the glazing bead base
  • Work sequence without permanent holding of the start button
  • Controllable hydro-pneumatic saw blade feed
  • Adjustable pneumatic clamping unit with selectable clamping sequence
  • No shim change within one profile system required
  • Glazing simulation unit for accurate cuts without overlapping of the seals, infinitely variable using hand wheel with counter
  • Removal of sawing residues by stripper ring mounted at the guide block
  • Easy handling


  • Electronic servo length stop with PC control (LAEG 2600)
  • Manual measuring system
  • Glazing bead simulation automatically adjustable via servo motor (only in conjunction with LAEG 2600)
  • Profile-dependent shims
  • Profile support in 3 m or 6 m length
  • Frequency converter for increasing the cutting speed
  • Lateral extraction device
  • Extraction system
  • GLS 200/S with electronic length stop LAEG 2600 and profile support