FAS 300 | Sash assembly station

efficient assembly and screwing of mounts


  • Two heavy-duty guide rails
  • Pneumatic table inclination from 0° - 15°
  • Profile-protecting sliding or felt strips
  • Spring-mounted stop pins for quick rotation and secure counterholding function
  • Smooth-running and stable guide block
  • Sash rebate dimension up to 2600 mm
  • Quick and accurate positioning of the screwing unit
  • Different screwing heights can be adjusted
  • Automatic screw feed


  • Barcode laser scanner for screwing unit
  • Stainless steel support
  • Punch preparation or punch
  • Corner hinge drilling unit optionally with 2-spindle drill head
  • Assembly system for central and constant handle seat
  • Mounting shelf with 33 or 41 compartments