Vema Alu plant concepts


Automated production of aluminium elements at Nazan Aluminium

First automated plant in Spain for the production of aluminium windows and doors.

Schirmer's cutting and machining center at Nazan is perfectly suited for a high output with maximum flexibility to cope with all requirements and expectations.

Customer-oriented configurations ensure a mix of a high-performance milling module coupled with a 4-axes cutting module.

An automatic MTI 4-head crimping machine for aluminium windows is located right after Schirmer's machining center. The crimping machine is provided with an automatic profile adjustment and integrated outfeed for transfer of elements to Urban's logistics and assembly units located downstream.

The automatic sash assembly station FBA 2500 for machining 4 profile sides with a cycle time of 1.5 minutes per sash complete the automated process of aluminium production. Nazan's production concept is supplemented by a process controlled distribution of elements towards the flexible assembly workplaces. The special highlight: Workplaces can be activated or deactivated depending on capacity requirements so that staff needed can be handled in a flexible way.

Vema Alu Project

The following production processes are supported by 2 modern, fully automatic high-performance sorting and distribution units with a flexible and sophisticated transport and logistics system for frames.

A logistics and process oriented concept is represented by the wedding area for frames and sashes where sashes are united with fitting frames with automatic distribution to the workplaces. A smooth operation is ensured here by the process controlled distribution of elements towards roller shutter and glazing areas linked with several roller shutter, finishing and glazing lines including automatic transfer. URBAN's automatic glass sorting unit with a capacity of 270 window panes is the perfect complement at the end of the production process. Here the window panes are transferred to the corresponding elements.


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