LAE 2600 / 3600 / 4600 / 5600
Electronic length stop

maximum dimensional accuracy for all cuts


  • Short travel times thanks to servo motor
  • Large touch monitor with graphic menu navigation
  • Stable and secure positioning of the limit stop
  • Automatic free travel for easy profile removal
  • Windows 10 – Excellent connection to the network and USB storage media
  • Individual parameter setting
  • Limit stop side change possible without added parts
  • Stainless steel profile support (for LAEG 2600)
  • Adjustable working height


  • Wireless measuring probe
  • Manual and wireless barcode scanner
  • Positioning length extension
  • Profile stop decelerated
  • Barcode printer

Glazing unit GLS 200-S-4 – length stop LAEG 2600-4

Learn more about the Glazing unit GLS 200-S-4 – length stop LAEG 2600-4 in the recording of our live event.



LAEG 2600

for double glazing bead cut

LAEG 2600/4

simultaneous, optimised and time-saving cutting of 4 glazing beads

LAER 2600

ideal for dimensionally accurate cutting of all profile types