Multi-head welding machine

> The Allrounder

Constant changes and a rapidly advancing globalization do not stop at URBAN in Memmingen. Starting with a small retail store for electrical installation articles founded in 1947, URBAN has evolved over the years into a worldwide operating company with a strong technological know-how. Today, URBAN is serving customers with machines in more than 100 countries around the world.

We, as URBAN, are ready to face these challenges to provide our customers not only with suitable high-end machine solutions for a modern production environment but also, as a service provider we became over the years, with service performances as a partner with a focus on availability in every respect.

What does that mean?

Based on our know-how, we are able to study processes and tasks actually unsolvable from the technical point of view in a completely different way along with our customers. There may be situations when a new machine is not absolutely necessary - a specific change or adaptation of the process might already be sufficient. With URBAN, as a partner by your side, you will be able to gain an advantage at any time through these strengths. True to our motto |Trust right from the start.

What are the most important welding parameters? Which parameters can be set? Which parameters are available for a QA evaluation? Only a few of the questions that we have to answer frequently in the meantime. But we are glad to answer these and other questions about welding to provide our customers with a really important feedback.

We took note that the welding machines of the series AKS 6XXX, 8XXX and 9XXX we provide our customers with machines that were previously unknown so far. Most people are certainly familiar with „PVC welding processes” but how and in what technological dimension this process is materialized today is often unknown to many of them. Technological progress, digitalization and expecations associated therewith have resulted in products made by Urban such as multi head welding machines that can cope with every requirement.

No matter if in 4, 6 or 8 head version |with V- or butt transom| with cylinder or axis |45° welding or timber window look…

URBAN in Memmingen – this is THE ADDRESS for YOUR next MACHINE.

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Double head and inline welding machine


Compact, productive and easy to handle. These are the arguments we are repeatedly faced with during discussions with our customers when it comes to semi-automatic machines.

Due to our many years of experience it turned out that it‘s really important to evaluate in detail ideas and suggestions of our customers and partners in the PVC industry. First concepts and developments increasingly arose from this exchange which have meanwhile resulted in machines ready for serial production that are used worldwide by SMALL and MAJOR customers.

We have noticed that we follow a trend that will make customers happier. As just a single machine that meets our customers‘ requirements is a machine that will prevail in its production environment to achieve an added value in the complete value chain.

Our AKS 4310 convinces by a technically mature machinery concept comprising compactness, productivity and simple process handling.

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Single head welding machines

> One for everything

In times of technical changes and continuous new requirements, one can quickly lose track of which machine is suitable and meets the requirements of different geometries and window types.

Too often, the focus is only on the pricing aspect and everything else is neglected. Actually it´s a pity, as especially in this field we -as machinery suppliers- perceive unseen opportunities to meet the requirements with a single-head welding machine which are often attributed to a bigger machine.

Our AKS 1150 - small, practical and highly flexible. This type of machine meets all the requirements of a single head welding machine in any production environment. No matter if for special production or for daily 8-hour use - our AKS 1150 is and will always be a reliable and robust machine.

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Testing devices

PRD Corner strength testing device for testing the corner strength by pressure bending

> Proper testings make the difference

Checking the level of durability respectively weldability of a welded window corner are one of the main features in today’s window production.

That’s the reason why a transparent testing is so important within a value-added chain. While data used to be collected in the past with pen and paper, a fully integrated digital solution is available today that can be incorporated into customer’s complete infrastructure by means of different interfaces.

In view of permanently new and changing production processes and different materials that we are facing every day, the focus on quality control is also changing increasingly. Only continuous commitments to quality requirements ensure a transparent compliance of values meeting our requirements.

"Therefore keep testing to see what will last…"

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