AKS 3900 Double head welding machine for elements of unlimited size


AKS 3900 | Double head welding machine

For elements of unlimited size


  • Weld seam restriction adjustable to 2 or 0,2 mm
  • Butt-angle stop 30° to 180°
  • individual adjustment of weld parameters
  • Corner strength optimization
  • profile height up to 135mm
  • automatic welding head positioning
  • electronically controlled temperature of heater plate


  • Colour knife for foil-coated profiles
  • Machine bed extensions
  • Variable stop side
  • Height adjustment of heater plate TWL
  • Gasket downholder
  • Gasket moulder

What else you should know


User-friendly operation

Clearly arranged control components ensure simple and user-friendly operation.

Long service life

The robust machine design is the basis for a long service life in your production

Comfortable angle adjustment

The standard limitation knives (adjustable) ensure flexibility and many possible applications.