AKS 6900 vario multi-head-welding machine - PVC welding in a new dimension


AKS 6900 Vario | Multi head welding machine

PVC welding in a new dimension


  • Adjustable stop rails thanks to servo motors
  • Frame combination possible without any additional shims
  • Replaceable limitation gauges
  • Bar length control
  • Sash bar welds, blunt or pointed
  • Large variety of welding sizes
  • Parallel and diagonal welding-and-feeding process
  • Vario table movement by servo axes
  • Welding bead limitation from 2.0 mm to 0.2 mm
  • Teflon quick-change system without removal of the heating element
  • User-friendly interface
  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Automatic adjustment and monitoring of the welding process
  • Compensation welding
  • U- and C-welding
  • Automatic outward transport
  • Rugged machine frame in honeycomb-design
  • Low-wear heavy-duty guides
  • Pre-manufactured sash bar elements in X- and Y-direction
  • Archiving of welding parameters during the welding process


  • Replaceable limitation contour gauges
  • Online connection
  • Remote maintenance
  • Automatic welding bead and clamping gap adjustment
  • Seal shaper
  • Air conditioning system
  • Sash bar heads as trailing heads or driven
  • Scanner
  • Outward transport by Vario Hub
  • Frame clamping unit

AKS 6910 – Vario / Innerstop – Compination

Watch the Urban solutions in the video: AKS 6910 – Vario / Innerstop – Compination



What else you should know


Enormous time saving...

Gasket welding will help you to save both work and time: The universal gasket moulder (optional) for weldable gaskets ensures an optimal cleaning result.

Streamlined Manufacture...

The adjustable stop rails ensure a more streamlined manufacture of frame combinations without shims. The inner corner will always be in the exact position.


Profile-dependent variable adjustment option of the welding process. Table movement and stop rails controlled by servo axes.