AKS 8400 | 4-head welding machine, vertical

a high-quality and extremely flexible machine for standard windows with 4 corners

Extremely flexible

  • Parallel and diagonal thrust procedure on angle heads depending on window type
  • Weld seam restriction possible up to 0.2mm
  • Compensation welding to equalize cutting tolerances
  • Vertical profile insert
  • Crush slit adjustment from 0.2mm to 2.0mm

Solid machine design

  • Contour knife for inner corner limitation integrated in table or clamping plate
  • Vario: Table movement through servomotors
  • Up to 11 axes are possible
  • High temperature welding

What else you should know


Sturdy machine design...

Heavy-duty guides ensure a robust and solid machine structure.

Optimal adaptation...

Electronically controlled temperature regulation (optional) can be set in relation to the profile or manually selected.

Clear operation...

User-friendly operation guaranteed through IPC control with high-quality colour screen integrated in a clearly laid-out terminal.