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It was in early 2019 when URBAN had already been part of an event that was held for the first time with a new concept - the symposium „Bonded Window Constructions“.

„Modern | Safe | Dimensionally Stable“ in Mainz in January 2019. The event was organized by Gütegemeinschaft Kunststoff – Fensterprofilsysteme | GLASWELT and IFT. This trade meeting was the combination of a compact seminar programme with rounds of discussions and an inhouse show. All visitors and exhibitors had enough free space for networking and exchanging information. The goal of this event was to demonstrate the advantages of bonding techniques and also to remove „fears of contact“ in order to promote bonding techniques in Germany. Exciting and hotly debated topics had been burglary protection at bonded window panes, safety classes RC2 and RC2N as well as pretreatment (primer or plasma) at bonded panes.

In their keynote lectures, speakers Karin Lieb from ift Rosenheim (product management for glass and construction materials) and Gerald Feigenbutz were addressing current issues in the field of bonding techniques. During subsequent discussions, representatives of the profile, bonding and machinery industry were available facing the trade audience to answer critical question.

More than 12 years ago, URBAN developed their first Glass Bonding Station (GVS); since then they have further developed the process. No matter if manual, semi-automatic or fully-automatic: URBAN offers the perfect bonding technology for every production environment. Based on URBAN’s ideas and solutions, process safety is definitely ensured in phases of technology change. This is not only true for glass bonding but also in many other fields at URBAN.


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