How do we plan „URBAN-Logistics“?

What does URBAN-Logistics actually mean?

URBAN-Logistics lines are distribution buffer units with a sophisticated logic providing our customers with a structured and organized production process ensuring improved internal processes and handling of window elements such as frames, sashes or finished elements.

Within the scope of a total development, we as URBAN, partner of our customers, pursue the goal of ensuring an on-time manufacture of products. In order to determine the logistic challenges, the first phase of project processing deals with a structured query in view of the basic conditions. Within this first query, we concentrate on local conditions and directions of existing production flows that also have to be integrated as well as on the variety of products.

What are the tools we use for planning an „URBAN-Logistics“?

„Mapping“ … based on mappings, we want to derive and illustrate graphically the flow of different elements between source and destination. These relevant findings are the basics for the development of logistics managements and are intended to represent a cross-functional approach in view of order processing in manufacture with planning, material control and its information flows.

That’s the way how we can guarantee an optimal interlocking of logistics tasks within individual production sectors.

Routing Gesamt Anlage

Abbildung 1: Bsp. Mapping
Abbildung 1: Bsp. Mapping

„the process description“ … is supposed to represent and describe „linkage and detailed interrelations of all processes of machining and manufacturing“ and also the distribution of goods within determined sectors.

However, URBAN make a clear distinction between two different arrangements of material flow.

1. Arrangement / URBAN:
Comprising transport between different departments of a manufacturing sector or between individual operating equipments within a department.
These include:
- Workplaces
- Machinery in sash production
- Machinery in frame production

2. Arrangement / URBAN:
Comprising transport within a workplace
This includes:
- Handling at workplace

3. Arrangement / Customer:
Description of work tasks at worplaces will be done by customer


URBAN-Logistics in the ALUMINIUM sector

For URBAN it goes without saying to materialize custom-made logistics systems. On planning logistics systems for aluminium elements, utmost attention is paid on highly sensitive surfaces.

We are able to convey these elements with sensitive surfaces smoothly and safely to the distribution buffer units. Moreover, we can assure a temporal decoupling through our adapted handling equipment.

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