Investigations on the long-term behaviour of the bead-free welding process

What impact do cyclic long-term stresses have on the strength of window corners? And does it make any difference at all, whether these window corners have been welded conventionally or free of beads? The Quality Association for Plastic Window Profile Systems grappled with these issues and commissioned the Plastics Centre in Würzburg (SKZ), to test corners welded with different methods.

The first test results, that were produced by the SKZ and made available to the Quality Association showed, that the modern welding processes meet the quality assurance requirements according to RAL-GZ 716. Differences in the corner break value (short-term value) compensated one another increasingly in the cyclic long-term stress. In 2022 the test series will be expanded to other manufacturers who offer modern welding processes, so that a representative result is secured over the long term.

Extract from the 2021 annual report of the Quality Association for Plastic Window Profile Systems,

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