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Wow ... what a story! Lars is back from his vacation. Relaxed, full of energy and even more optimistic than at the beginning. Lars was inspired by the most varied things during his vacation. He has been traveling for almost 4 weeks and has seen and experienced a lot during that time. But as everyone knows, Lars Flügler has recently begun to face the challenge of making windows. Just like his father and grandfather did.

Lars has been thinking a lot during his vacation and wondering what to do next when he returns from vacation.

Lars understands that the window market and related business is not an easy one and over time becomes more difficult. The competitive pressure is increasing and you have to have a really good concept to be able to exist on the market in the long term. During his vacation, he has now thought about a correspondingly good concept and outlined a 5-step plan, which should now serve as a starting point. Even then, during his studies, he benefited from these tools and is happy to be able to implement them now.

Lars has set himself the goal of creating the window of tomorrow in a way that does not exist before. He will take into account the different methods of modern production processes. And not only the way of production will be different; even the window, the doors and gates that Lars will make will be different.

Processes, materials and human beings are in the foreground for Lars.

With the previous machines Lars will not get very far. He is aware of that. Not only the machines, but also his previous production is not designed for this future plan. In the first stage, Lars has set out to analyze the market closely. For this he has made an appointment with his current machine supplier, URBAN in Memmingen. No problem - after a short phone call, a personal meeting with URBAN followed a few days later. He was warmly welcomed in the Dornierstraße 5 by an employee of the company URBAN.

After a short hello a short presentation of the company URBAN followed. Lars has a lot of new and interesting experience; so also the URBAN as a traditional family business, firmly rooted since 1947 in Memmingen.

Over coffee and the introductory conversation, Lars realized that he had chosen the right path. He could not wait to see what all the interesting things about URBAN are and what opportunities are offered. He was allowed to enjoy a complete tour of URBAN. At the same time, he informed himself about all possibilities which URBAN offers as a complete supplier for a complete PVC window production.

No question remained unanswered ... he informed himself about welding, cleaning and of course logistics was a completely new experience for Lars.

After the tour with the URBAN employees, Lars had to handle the many new impressions first. That was an input. Lars had not expected that, but he was glad that he could now expand his knowledge of machines, processes and the possibilities associated with them. He thanked URBAN and will continue to research how he can put his ideas and thoughts into action. Of course URBAN will support him accordingly and work out a first concept for him.

Many thanks to the company URBAN in Memmingen; I'm looking forward to the next meeting and a possible concept. Lars is young and modern. If anyone has questions about his 5-step plan, then write Lars. Lars is also happy about support from other or other ideas.

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