Lars Flügler - Story 2


Do you already know the window manufacturer Flügler? If not, then you should definitely get to know this company soon. Every launch is difficult, especially in this day and time, when it comes to making windows. After much thought, Lars has decided to go this route and has bought two really important machines at URBAN. These are a single head welding machine and a corner cleaner. More machines will follow. However, he can now make windows within his capabilities. Although it still requires a lot of manual work, but that's no problem for Lars, because he knows what it means to work hard and he likes his job, which he exercises with fulfillment.

Already his father and grandfather have done similar jobs and are always ready to support Lars, but Lars says to himself - "I'll do it".

Yesterday, the technician from URBAN came in and connected the two machines and showed and explained some important things to Lars. Lars is happy to have bought from URBAN. Everything went great, the advice, the appointment for the delivery and installation of the machines and the support that Lars can fall back on at any time.

A wonderful story of Lars and the window manufacturer Flügler has now begun .... Lars has really cool plans how he will continue with his company. Lars plans and thinks sustainably, smartly and always with a view to the future. Lars wants to grow, hire people, give them an environment in which they feel comfortable, like to work and come back.

Lars has now taken the first step. We are really curious, how it goes with Lars ....

Would you like to know what's going on .... then follow us and be curious about what Lars will do next.

It is a very cool future for Lars and he will design it himself.

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