Lars Flügler - Story 4



A few weeks have passed since Lars visited URBAN in Memmingen. During this time, Lars had the opportunity to think about a lot and especially what his achievable goals are.

He noted the following about his current situation:

- not enough space for an expansion
- limited range of products
- poor infrastructure
- limited quantities

After an initial comprehensive market analysis and the idea of the corresponding realignment of his company, Lars is certain that the following points are important to him:

+ expansion of the products / range
+ increase in the number of pieces
+ adapting the infrastructure

The sales structure is also given due consideration and should be adapted to new trends. But what does that mean in detail ...

=> international sales of the products

+ via direct sales with the support of a network
+ and with the help of a new webshop

The points mentioned and the goals that can be achieved with them now require Lars to take care of the following topics:

- contact all suppliers and discuss the expansion of the products
- as a result, other machines are required and must be taken into account
- moving to a new building with sufficient space
- adapt infrastructure
- find and rectify new employees

Furthermore, Lars will contact his banks to discuss the necessary budget and the related financing. Some of Lars' friends who are very successful with #STARTUPS have also recommended Lars to look into new alternatives. For Lars, this means that he will deal with #Crowdfunding and will find out more about it. However, Lars is still most excited about the topic of which products he will manufacture in the future. Of course, this includes:


These products will be made from ALU and UPVC. The requirements for elements in new and modern buildings will probably change completely and Lars wants to be prepared for that. Because Lars has also found #URBAN as a supplier who can support Lars in the aluminum production. This means that Lars will manufacture products from these materials (#ALU and #UPVC) in the future. It is interesting that Lars has the idea of finding a supplier at PVC with whom he can talk about #SUSTAINABLE raw materials. That will definitely be a challenge for Lars and his team.

The processes and people on the way to the manufacture of his products are still very important to Lars. Everywhere, the demands on employees and workplaces and the environments where you are today are changing in order to be creative and effective.

"Great question at this point":

How does it look in industry? How are jobs and their environment changing here?

It is important to Lars to be able to create an environment in which his employees feel comfortable. This should not only be in the office, but also in the workshop, where his products are manufactured.

"An exciting question that arises #NewWork":

How will the workplace look in the #WORKSHOP in the future? What makes a modern #WORKPLACE in industry?

Lars is currently experiencing an exciting time and would be happy about any kind of support. Lars is coming to Nürnberg for the #fensterbaufrontale | March 18-21, 2020. You will find Lars at the booth of URBAN. He looks forward to your visit.

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