Timber window look with PVC profiles - How does it work?

The attractive optical appearance of a wooden window in combination with the advantages of a PVC window profile: That’s what windows in timber window look provide, in brief TWL. Due to regulations for the protection of historic buildings, this kind of window type had been developed in the Netherlands and Great Britain. In the meantime, this kind of look has become more and more a hit in other countries as well.

„From the technological point of view, it’s relatively easy to manufacture TWL optics -one sided outside or double sided- in a semi-automaic manufacturing process.

Based on a machinery / tooling package at an economic pricing, it is possible to achieve an optically and technically matured result with absolute process safety.

Preparatory work on TWL profiles, however, is already done before welding by machining through our two end milling cutting, the new AKFU-250/TWL and AKFU 330. Highlight of the new AKFU-250/TWL is the novel type of cylindrical milling cutter allowing clockwise and counter-clockwise working to avoid profile fractures.

Our patented profile retaining and stop system ensures trouble-free milling of profile widths up to 125 mm. Our TWL starter package includes the double head welding machine AKS 4310 which is technically appropriate to handle both single and double sided weldings in wooden window look.

Big advantage in practice:

> Welded elements (in TWL) can be integrated in the ordinary production process of the corner cleaning machine.
> TWL weldings are also feasible with the appropriate TWL function on many other multi head welding machines by Urban
> No special weld fixtures required for the TWL look

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TWL – Timber window look

Take a look at the Urban solutions in the video: TWL – Timber wood look


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