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We are reacting to the Corona pandemic and see it as a good way to at least partially compensate for missing sales appointments. Not only the automated high-end production lines from Urban are presented here, but also the bestsellers from the saw and accessories range. The in-house developed corner testing device is also to be presented as part of the live streams.

Tuesday, | Online-Event

ST Swivel Tables To change window position from horizontal to vertical

These swivel tables bring the window element into the desired working position and thus facilitate the work process.

Thursday, | Online-Event

Layout Conzept 3

The Line coordinated for high quantities and is suitable for the production of standardized and also more specific window elements.

Thursday, | Online-Event

Handwheel Handle drilling machine - lock case miller GSU

These handling machinery is an essential supplement in every respect for certain areas in your production. They are available for flexible use for each manufacturer.

Thursday, | Online-Event

AKS 9600 CUT Multi head welding machine - milling cutter slider picture

Urban AKS CUT Serie Welding in other Dimensions. You get profiles with Aluminium cover, foild cover and covers with other materials seamles n one cycle.

Thursday, | Online-Event

FBA 2500-2 machining station automatic screwing of metal mounts on side-hung, pivot-hung and french casement windows

Automatic screwing of metal mounts on side-hung, pivot-hung and french casement windows.

Thursday, | Online-Event

Vema Alu Project

Automated plant for the production of aluminium windows and doors.