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NEWS March 2021

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A year of major challenges
>The digital world of Urban
>An even bigger investment
>Relocation with Urban

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NEWS February 2020

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Focus on higher quality
>Hanlde on the thresholds
>Bruckbauer optimizes
>Because the qualitiy is right

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NEWS February 2019

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>The new glazing bead saw
>HFL-Starter package
>Flexible element storing
>Bye, bye SV 800

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NEWS March 2018

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>New impulses on the Fensterbau
>New technologies
>Logistics in the focus
>Ready for ideas of the future

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NEWS June 2017

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>For 50 years the top partner
>For 30 years Urban Machinery

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NEWS August 2016

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>Process safety
>Great combinations
>Top Corner quality
>A whole life with Urban

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NEWS July 2015

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>Process optimazation
>Moving into a new dimension
>Improved functionality with a new

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NEWS Fensterbau Special March 2014

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>machine overview
>machine overview
>Registration form

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NEWS Dezember 2014

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>sophisticated innovations
>new double mitre saw
>high performance unit

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NEWS May 2013

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>Presentation of high speed
  PVC window
>High-Speed Welding
>Parallel- or Diagonal Welding
>HOB Manual - cleaning device

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NEWS December 2013

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>Preview 'fensterbau 2014'
>Screwing Unit AMS 6020 DB
>New system for fixtures
>Flexible allround working places

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NEWS March 2012

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>Invitation to the Fensterbau
>Product presentation
>Our programm

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NEWS December 2012

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>We celebrate a jubilee
>Newcomer in the cutting
>Corner Cleaning Unit SV 840
   becomes a Super Star

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