Müllers Produktions GmbH invest in a new SV 840 for their serial production
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Changing from special manufacture to serial production can be so easy: Müllers Produktions GmbH & Co. KG in Mönchengladbach handled this switch-over with a new corner cleaning machine SV 840/6 from Urban.

„So far, we manually cleaned all elements with a threshold. Now, these elements run fully automatically from the four head welding machine into the new SV 840” explains production manager Marco Löhr. The special feature of Urban’s corner cleaning machine: Outfeed on the new SV 840 happens on three sides so that window frames, sashes and entrance doors are individually discharged on separate sides.

Windows in timber window look (TWL) are fully integrated in this process; a great number of this type of windows is delivered to the Netherlands. Replacing the old corner cleaner by the new SV 840 also offered another advantage: „Now we can run even bigger elements and each time we have a gain in length of around 20cm. This is of great importance for us as the trend definitely goes towards bigger windows and doors” says Löhr.

The automated four head corner cleaning machine SV 840/6

To Product...

By having Urban’s new SV 840 in operation, Müllers Produktions GmbH experienced an increase in capacity of altogether 10%. „Indeed, we still have upside potentials but our manufacturing process is prepared in such a way that the performance of the SV 840 in single shift operation ensures to supply the hardware workplaces with elements that are handled in two shifts there. That works perfectly” says Marco Löhr.

The reason why this works is also due to the fact that some jobs which used to be done manually by Müllers’ team in the past are now performed fully-automatically by the SV 840 thanks to its integrated milling head. This includes drillings for cross corner brackets or milling-off of combinations. Urban’s old SV 800 that had been working perfectly in Müllers’ production for 25 years was now released to its well-earned retirement thanks to the application of the new unit upgrade.

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