Aluminium Flow Production at FeBa: With Urban it's successful

Premiere: FeBa Fensterbau also realises the automatic decoupling and stacking in the new aluminium plant

FeBa Fensterbau GmbH from the Siegerland has now laid down a transformation of the peculiar kind together with its technology partner Urban – and that on unusual terrain. Because FeBa and Urban together revolutionise the workflow, however not in the production of PVC­windows and doors, but rather in the production of aluminium elements.

"We had set ourselves the target, with new buildings, also in this system world, to switch from the previous w o r k b e n c h production to flow production on an industrial scale, as we already practice s u c c e s s f u l l y in the plastic sector", stated Norman Menk, who manages the company together with his brothers Simon (also managing director) and Ben-Joel. But regardless of which partner from the aluminium sector they asked: "None could offer us a suitable solution, that came even close to our expectations. Ultimately we therefore asked Urban and together we have now really found a very good solution", said Menk. As in the PVC-production, now an automatic decoupling and stacking solution from Urban is also used in the aluminium plant of FeBa, only with a completely different configuration.


"The processes in the manufacture of aluminium windows are quite different than in PVC-production. That was naturally a respective challenge for us. But we naturally managed it and are looking forward to being able to help FeBa once again"

explained Uwe Pfahl, Project manager from Urban Sales.

For the very first time in the German manufacture of aluminium windows and doors a Distribution Buffer System (DBS) has been combined with an automatic Glass-Logistics-System (GLS). The DBS of FeBa for the decoupling of the elements has 72 rack compartments, which have a compartment width of 180 mm.

The elements are transported automatically over a distance of up to 43 metres to the six aluminium work stations and taken away again. The transfer of the finished elements to the glazing station also takes place fully automatic.

The Glass-Logistics-System from FeBa for the automatic stacking has 60 compartments and can accommodate up to 180 panes.

Great Relief

"This automation solution facilitates the work for us tremendously, because it accelerates the processes and relieves our personnel. Thanks to the know-how and the great consulting by Uwe Pfahl and Hermann Deller from Urban Sales, we are now ideally positioned. Urban is simply reliable", stated Norman Menk, who is speaking from experience.

Because in 2013, together with Urban, FeBa had already converted the PVC production and perfected the degree of automation there. "Consequently, we already knew beforehand, that we would not have any problems e.g. with the software, because the DBS and GLS from Urban harmonise perfectly with our ERP system from Cantor", explained Norman Menk.