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Instead of welding and corner cleaning on two heads, now doing the same on four heads and being completely flexible at the same time, because the frames or sashes are automatically identified and processed accordingly. RB Reinert Bauelemente GmbH, based in Lenzen-Elbe (Brandenburg), has allowed itself this revolution in the production process.

The highlight here is the automatic fixtures change in the four-head welding machine and the integration of a profile scanner in the process. As a result, the AKS 6410 and the SV 430/4-C always know whether a sash or a frame is coming. "For our team, this is an incredible relief. Especially physically", says managing director Sven Reinert, who is convinced of the Urban quality.

"You can see that not only in the lines, but also in the smaller machines such as the double mitre or glazing bead saws. Of course there are other suppliers, but the saws of Urban simply have a higher dimensional accuracy with less deviations. This accuracy helps us every day and secures the processes in the production flow", says Reinert, who only received a double mitre saw DGU-600 in September.

Profiles by Rehau

For more than 30 years the team of Sven Reinert Rehau-Profiles has been processing profiles. The majority of windows and doors are intended for new buildings, but also the renovation business is going well. Since 30 years Sven Reinert counts on the quality of Urban:

"We still have two machines from other manufacturers in the production. In the rod machining for example a machine from Haffner is running for ten years now. For new and replacement investments we will also rely on Urban in the future."


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