Focus on more quality and shorter delivery times!

Markus Quante, the independent businessman and owner of Gebrüder Quante from Südkirchen in North Rhine-Westphalia, approached Urban with this requirement.

„Our top priority is to serve our customers with the best quality and shortest delivery times. That’s what the entire Quante team stands for. With Veka and Siegenia, we have partners on our side who have been practicing this with us for years. Consequently we were looking for a machine supplier who meets exactly this demand and who lives these values the way we do. After a short research, we came to the conclusion that Urban and Finke can fulfill our wishes best", explains Markus Quante.

Efficiency in production

Planning was based on making the entire production more efficient. One key point was to relieve production staff members from carrying and searching elements. Therefore the logistics concept was an important aspect which was perfectly implemented. In the preliminary stage of the project, they acquired an interlinked cutting and rod machining centre from Thorwesten.

A 16 year old existing welding and cleaning unit was replaced by an up-to-date line with more machining possibilities and a higher speed level. A two-axis automatic screwing unit was acquired for sash assembly. “This on makes our life much easier", says Markus Quante.

In making this investment, Quante also focused on shipping. For this reason, a buffer for finished elements was integrated allowing the automatic unloading of elements. "This eliminates the need for re-sorting in the shipping department which is very helpful to us. Finally a glass logistics system became the “cherry on the cake” in our production", explains Quante.

The whole thing was completed with the low-paper e-prod software from Klaes. Each workstation has its own screen.

Modernization of the hall

An additional challenge was the modernization of the existing production hall as several features had to be renewed. During assembly, 21 trucks full of machinery arrived which seems enormous at first sight.

The time frame for the setup was kept as short as possible, as the Quante team had to continue to supply their customers. During the start-up, the employees were intensively trained on the new workstations. "I am surprised at how structured the production processes have become now," says Markus Quante. This ensures the best possible conditions to achieve our goals for the customers such as highest quality and shortest delivery times.

Markus Quante is very happy with the support by Finke and Urban and especially their technicians:

"These guys know what they are doing, that really fits perfectly."

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