Pierret invests in new production line made by Urban

Top corner results guaranteed
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For more than 60 years now, Pierret System located in Transinne, Belgium produces windows with passion. The familiy managed company produces and sells the complete pro-duct series in the window field. For many decades now Pierret System has committed itself to a very high quality standard and therefore from the extrusion of the profiles to the production of different window systems made of vinyl, wood or wood-alu-minium everything gets produced inhouse.

In order to serve the high demand, the Belgium window producer Pierret has besides his main factory in Transinne (extrusion and vinyl) also production divisions in Bertrix (alumi-nium) and Malonne (wood & wood-aluminium).

“The best guarantee of a product is, when you can enjoy it for a very long time”; this is the credo of Pierret System.

So within the last ten years Pierret has increasingly invested into the development of a strategy to optimize the quality and processing of its pro-ducts. Today Pierret can proudly claim to no longer be a spectator only but the process itself.In order to keep up this high quality standard in the future as well, Pierret System has decided to replace the old PVC-window production machine line with a new high-end production line made by Urban.

In July 2014, after a very intense and demanding planing period, two complete wel-ding-corner cleaning lines of Urban have been delivered to Belgium.

Perfect corner result

So Pierret received a sash line which consists of two AKS 6600 welding machi-nes and a SV 840 CNC corner cleaning machine as well as a frame line with two additional AKS 6600s and one SV 840 CNC 2-head corner cleaner including process optimized outfeed units. For this work step a new moveable conveyor cooling track TKB of Urban has been delivered. The new TKB is equipped with two slide carriages on one slide rail which saves valuable space.

In addition to that, the sash line is equip-ped with a notching saw of Urban. This special saw variant removes the exten-sive corner profile width in one work step and allows an easy and comfortable inser-tion of a covering cap.

In this special case, a straight-to-the-point delivery and installation of the PVC-window production line was extremely important, as the old production line was completely removed and the profile system has been changed as well. So the economic aspect required an absolutely fast and trouble-free implementation. “The new PVC-window production line of Urban is to our utmost satisfaction and fullfils the high quality standard we expeted”, explains Jean-Luc Pierret, Administrateuer Delegue of Pierret System.

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“We are convinced, that it was no easy job but Urban did a great job in all aspects”, so Jean-Luc Pierret.

A real highlight of the new Urban machine line is however the top processing of coloured corners. Thanks to special fixtures and con-tour knives at the welding machines which completely limit the inside corner, a top result can be reached. In addition to that, the CNC corner cleaning unit SV 840 has been equipped with brand-new tools.

The used hard metal inlets guarantee a perfect corner clea-ning result of the inside corner. At the express request of the customer, special V-grooving knife inlets have been designed for Pierret. This combination of fix-tures, complete inside cor-ner limitation with contour knives, new tools and special-V-grooving knife inlets deliver invincible results. “The result of the corners ist absolutely superb!”, says a delighted Jean-Luc Pierre.