When Vision meets Design

Together with Urban, Kochs develops the new Visign window: without visible groove

When Vision and Design are combined, in most cases something unique is the result. In the window manufacturing world, this unusual combination now has a new name: "Visign" that Kochs GmbH from Herzogenrath near Aachen (Nordrhein­Westfalen) has named its new plastic window, that above all stands out optically. Because the corner joint is almost invisible.

Daniel Kochs and Norbert Piek check the barely visible corner connection.

"Precisely with coloured plastic windows the optical demand is indeed very high. All the more proud are we, that with the new Visign generation, here we have set an absolute benchmark. In the corner joint there is no longer any noticeable groove, with the naked eye one can hardly detect that it is a welded profile"

stated Daniel Kochs, who manages the company together with his father Friedrich and his uncle André. Not only the entrepreneurial family, but above all also their customers are amazed. "The demand is enormous. Our Visign window rocks the market", said Daniel Kochs joyfully.

Development came at the right time

For Kochs the development of Urban came just at the right time. "By means of the milling in the welding machine, we save the usual colouring in the buffing machine. Apart from that the optical result of the new CUT-variant is significantly more harmonious and homogenous", stated Norbert Piek, authorised signatory and head of engineering at Kochs.

Corner connection without conspicuous groove

For over a year at Kochs in Herzogenrath two four-head welding machines of the type AKS 9610/4 CUT are running in a line with the two-head welding bead buffing machine SV 840/6 from Urban, whereby one welding machine takes care of the wings and one takes care of the frame. Because with the CUT-process from Urban the welding machine relieves the buffing machine, thanks to the milling, completely new possibilities of process optimization are created. "We have determined in practice, that our buffing machine can easily cope with other profiles from another welding machine. We are therefore planning the investment of a further CUT-machine from Urban. This way we can, for example, outsource front doors and lift-up sliding doors and minimize setup times, because we have less change of allowances on the frame- and wing machine", explained Daniel Kochs. There is enough space for another welding machine at Kochs. Because the installation of the current new line already took place during running operation, which means, that one of the previous welding machines was still running, while a new one from Urban was assembled. "Consequently, as regards area we also have space for a third welding machine from Urban", explained Norbert Piek.

Not only with the development of the new window line Kochs Visign has the company proven, that it is happy to be a step ahead of the others. Company founder Josef Kochs, the grandfather of Daniel Kochs, already displayed great ingenuity in the 60's.

"After the Window Fair in 1966 my grandfather began with the production of plastic windows and at that time then relatively quickly developed a hand-operated device with a grooving knife,that he then fixed to the window frame or wing, in order to be able to neatly remove the welding bead. The first welding bead buffing machines, as provided by Urban, first came onto the market a few years later", recollected Daniel Kochs the beginnings of the family company.