Dear URBAN customer,

URBAN - this name has stood for quality, service and know-how in the field of window production for more than 60 years.

As a familiy-owned, medium-sized enterprise, URBAN always respects the property rights third parties had been granted with. We also expect the same kind of treatment by our competitors in view of our property rights.

One of our competitors, Graf Synergy, argue that an optional function of our welding machine is supposed to infringe one of their patents.

This is definitely not the case!

It is rather the case that the related legal action became nul and void by end of January as the asserted patent EP 3 156 214 B1 had been revoked in full by the European Patent Office. The corresponding official notification can be viewed publicly in the patent register of the European Patent Office. By request, we can also provide you with this notification.

Graf will presumably appeal against this judgement. But even if this patent should be maintained in the course of this appeal procedure (which is unlikely to happen), we are convinced that no patent infringement is involved.

We can assure you now -as already in the past- that URBAN technology applied for your production is free of third party rights and complies with your expectactions and requirements.

That’s what our name and our team have stood for - for more than 60 years.

AKS 9600 CUT Multi head welding machine - for endless possibilities and boundless machining options - new horizons

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