Corner Breakage 4.0

Digital corner testers go digital now!
How the data management had been revolutionized by networking of welding machinery and corner testing devices.

«I really love my job. Everybody loves windows! They allow you to have a look into the world from your appartment!», says Lars. Lars belongs to a family producing windows in the second generation now.

Therefore he knows the industry with its continuous changes.

Digitalization helps a lot to avoid old mistakes, he concludes

We definitely agree with Lars as we all know: Wherever a great amount of manual work is done, mistakes may slip in easily. At least when transfer work is involved. More or less, the same as it happens at school when copying - there’s always a bug around that you cannot see.

person with a pen while writing

In particular for the transfer of important data this may become a real big problem. At the end you have the wrong ones available.
At best there is a way to find out what the correct value would have been - would - could - might…

What’s the use of it? In the worst case - only wrong information!

The same thing may happen with many corner strength tests of window frames and sashes, because:
So far, there were only non-digitized corner testing devices available.

Each time the following had to be done:

1. Corner breaking on pressure gauge.
2. Value on pressure gauge that is filled-in PDF form printed before. But not only that...
3. Value transfer from printed paper into digital file.

So, a whole lot of possible error sources!

Maybe you know how it feels when data are not fully under control.


That does not actually look like maximum performance, does it? How great it would be to have a digital corner tester available to eliminate error sources with even more possibilities than transferring data only!?

That’s what we also had in mind when we decided to break new ground with digitized corner testing devices!

Therefore our new corner testers are available now with:
Automatic data transfer from welding machine via corner testing device and finally into data sheet.


Thanks to this automatic transfer it is now ensured that your data are processed:
  • Flawlessly with quick transmission ✅
  • and in real time ✅


But not only that...

Compared with the „good old manual transfer“, the process is now:

• automated ✅
• more efficient ✅
• and more favourable in price ✅

And what about the tensile-bending and pressure-bending applications? Is the digital corner testing available for both variants?

Our short and clear reply: YES!

No matter if you work with the tensile-bending procedure, as it is usual in French speaking areas, or with the pressure-bending procedure, as it is applied in Germany and in many European countries: Digital corner testing is working for both applications!


Digital corner testing devices 4.0 include:

1. Central data acquisition – no matter if welding, corner strength testing or data sheets: Everything‘s interlinked here

Central data acquisition has one significant feature: Work simplification

Data can be acquired quite easily from the welding machine to be loaded in the corner testing device.

So, welding machine and corner testing device are linked online.

Therefore, the device knows how a corner was welded in view of:

  • Temperature
  • Pressure and time features

For breaking a corner, the corner tester will use exactly these values that are available there. The corner strength test allows optimal adaptation to the profile. The lamella stamp adapts optimally to the specific profile geometry to determine the perfect break value.


2. Integrated PC

Fractional values

Moreover, the testing device issues the digital test sheet in which the welding data are entered automatically. Then the determined break value is complemented and the test report can be directly printed.


3. Test report is digitally created and can be filed in customer’s network

Of course, direct printing of test report is a super comfortable thing. However, the solution we deem even better is direct filing in customer’s network!
So the automatically generated PDF file with all data and facts can be directly stored in your network.

One way or another: The test report can be directly issued!


4. Camera on both sides for automatic creation of breaking patterns:
Snapshot of corner break through CCD camera with illumination

Our camera works on front and rear side. A photo is taken exactly at the moment when the corner is breaking.

This means that the photo is taken at the very moment when the crack occurs on the PVC profile. Then you receive your break pattern!


5. Automatic label printing through integrated barcode printer for label creation + suitable scanner

Barcode Printer

That’s super practical! Archiving of the broken corner can be done quite easily that way. After corner breaking, a small barcode is printed automatically that you can stick on the broken corner.

When you intend to take it later out from a shelf, you will have all data directly available for exactly this corner. You only need to scan the barcode that you stuck on the corner. That’s quite easy with the corresponding scanner.

The barcode also shows you the fitting welding parameters again. This is possible through pre-determined profile master data and data connection to the machine!


6. Complete documentation for proof of quality

Now you definitely keep the overview over broken elements and you can make a clear statement as to how the element was welded and about the results achieved of the corner tests as everything is networked.


PRD Corner strength testing device for testing the corner strength by pressure bending

7. Clear diagram of corner break

The breakage is also depicted as a diagram. The first „cracking noise“ (moment when the corner starts breaking) is graphically displayed once more in a diagram.

With our corner strength testing device PRD 3-PC/ PRZ 3-PC you can break corners of window frames and window sashes through a pressure cylinder in pressure-bending or tensile-bending applications.

…and now finally in digital style.


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