Katrin Steinle Trainee industrial clerk


Overview of the professional training:

Industrial management assistant is a training occupation recognized nationwide according to the Vocational Training Act (BBiG).

There is no specific school education prescribed. However, the usual training profile is based on a general qualification for university entrance respectively on an advanced college entrance qualification or a secondary school certificate. In addition, a high value is set on good grades, especially in mathematics, English and German. Good PC skills are desirable, too.

Normally the training lasts for 3 years, but can be reduced to 2.5 or even 2 years under certain conditions with the approval of your training company and the consent of the IHK (Chamber of Commerce and Industry). It´s also possible to retrain from another profession to become an industrial management assistant. At the end of the training period an IHK final examination takes place.

The dual training takes place in industrial and craft enterprises of different sectors and sizes. At the same time, theoretical knowledge is taught at the vocational school. During your training as an industrial management assistant, you will pass trough various departments of your training company. In this way you get familiar with corporate structures of the individual departments and gain commercial, organizatorial and business expertise. Perhaps you will already find the field of activity where you prefer to work after your professional training.

These are the stages you will pass through:

  • materials management and production
  • finance and accounting
  • sales and marketing
  • personnel management

In particular, good communication skills are important: Negotiating skills, convincing conversational techniques and friendly manners are essential for dealing with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

These are the contens of the training as an industrial management assistant:

  • corporate structure and integrative business processes
  • marketing and sales strategies
  • information, workflows and communication
  • business processes and markets
  • procurement and stocking
  • personnel management
  • goods and services and service accounting



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