Leonie Deller Trainee industrial mechanican

Industrial Mechanics (m/f/d)

Type of training:  Dual vocational training, regulated according to the Vocational Training Act (Berufsbildungsgesetz BBiG)

Duration of training: 3,5 years

Training places: Company and vocational school

What is this job about?
Industrial mechanics (m/f) make sure that machines and production systems are ready for operation. They manufacture equipment parts, machine components and machine groups and install them in machines and technical systems. Then they adjust them, put them into operation and check their functions. They are also in charge of maintenance and servicing
of the systems. Furthermore they determine the causes of malfunctions, order suitable spare parts or manufacture them by themselves. Moreover, they perform repair work.
After having finished assembly and checking operations, they instruct colleagues or customers

Where do you work?
Industrial mechanics (m/f) can be employed in different industrial sectors, e.g.:

  • in mechanical engineering and vehicle manufacture
  • in electrical industry
  • in textile industry
  • in wood and paper processing industry

They mainly work in workshops and factories, as well as in production facilities.
For mounting and maintenance assignments, they often work at different locations.

What is important?
Accuracy, above all, plays an important role in this profession, for example for the evaluation of technical documents, maintaining and repairing of machines and execution of quality checks. Knowledge in mathematics is indispensable, as for example data from tables have to be converted or length measurements, angles and volumes for the production of spare parts have to be calculated. Knowledge in physics is important as well to handle the different machines and production systems and to understand the necessary basics of electrical and control engineering. IT skills facilitate the work with computer operated machines.

Which graduation is expected?
There is no specific school education prescribed – an intermediate level of education would be of advantage.


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