The FAS 300 is launched to expand the product family of semi-automatic sash assembly stations.




Based on the successful glazing bead saw GLS 200/S and the electronic length stop LAEG 2600, the GLS 200/S-4 and respectively the LAEG 2600/4 were developed for the simultaneous cutting of 4 glazing beads.


The newly developed corner testing devices (PRD-3-PC / PRZ-3-PC) come with integrated state-of-the-art technologies, such as e.g. central data recording including fracture picture and fracture diagram.




50 years of welding excellence
Thanks to our high-quality, reliable and versatile welding machines, we have become the industry leader. This anniversary marks the start of new technologies by Urban. Stay tuned!



The trade show “Fensterbau Frontale” in Nuremberg is a highlight for our industry, where we present our product variety and know-how every two years.





Urban introduces the AKS 9600 Vario – the innovative vario-cut welding machine that allows for completely new surface qualities during welding.



At the 3rd Bavarian Runningbox Championship, the young apprentices from Urban with their self-made soapbox were crowned the proud winners.





Double anniversary:
Urban celebrates 30 years’ Urban Forchach, Austria, and 25 years’ Urban Machinery in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada



During the financial crisis, Urban develops various machines, including, for example, the DGU double mitre saw, the length stops LAEG and LAER, the water slot milling unit WS ...





Urban achieves a great success with the development of the superior SV 840 double-head corner cleaning machine featuring rotating tools and direct passage of the elements. The results are a significant increase in flexibility and an even more streamlined production.



With the AKS 8400, Urban has perfected the vertical welding technology, designing one of the most robust machines available in this market segment.





The Logistics area sees consistent expansion, becoming increasingly important within the Urban product portfolio. Various new products in the automation area help to increase the productivity of our customers.



The 4th Urban Partner Days once again presented an opportunity for almost 4000 visitors from over 30 countries to experience the product variety and performance of Urban and 70 exhibitors.





Urban develops the welding machines of the new AKS 6400/6600 series, which are constantly developed further and improved. To this day, this series provides the basis for the current high-end welding technology.



“Open the gates and doors” – this was the motto of Urban’s family day. All employees and their families were invited to a company visit.
More family days followed ...





Urban develops the automatic glass bonding station. The GVS represents an important further development in vinyl window construction. The bonding technology offers many advantages compared with conventional manufacturing methods.



The logistics area, the distribution of cleaned elements, increasingly gains in importance, the division of automated Handling Equipment is launched.





Urban designs the most successful corner cleaning machine of all times: The SV 530, which is the absolute best-seller still today. More than 1,500 units of the SV 530 have been sold worldwide.



Celebrating machine anniversaries has tradition at Urban. After a production time of only 10 years, the one hundredth SV 800 was manufactured and celebrated in style.





Urban introduces innovations also in the area of mountings assembly automation. For this, the FBA 2500/4, a sash assembly station was developed.



Design of the horizontal AKS 6100 series with up to 6 welding heads for angle, sash and butt welding heads in diverse welding sizes.





Joint sports events organized at the plants in Forchach and Memmingen further strengthened the cooperation.



With the opening of Eastern Europe and, in particular, of Russia, the company sees an enormous increase in demand. Dealerships are acquired in various Eastern European countries, for example in Bosnia and others,  as well as a branch is opened in Moscow.





Another manufacturing plant is established in Fredericton, Canada, increasing the market share of Urban machines.



The SV 480 made by Urban is the first single-head corner cleaning machine of the 400 series that features a patented turning technology.





The next novelty made by Urban: With the SV 800, the company designs the first four-head corner cleaning machine on the market.



With the AKS 1400, Urban lays the foundation for automation. Thanks to a patented process, the vertical 4-point welding machine features the very first transfer mechanism for transporting the windows automatically into the corner cleaning machine. This is the beginning of the welding-corner cleaning line at Urban.





Opening of the first Urban sales and service branch in Canada to establish a presence in the North American market.



Diverse machine types are produced in small series. With the growing market share of PVC windows, the demand for Urban machines constantly increased.





The topic automation becomes increasingly important and Urban designs the SV 600, the first CNC-controlled corner cleaning machine. This novelty could significantly enhance the production capacity.



Urban expands its production capacities and builds its first plant outside Germany in Forchach (Austria). The preservation of existing and creation of new workplaces were thus guaranteed.





As a result of the enormous demand, the production facilities became too small and were gradually expanded by the erection of new production halls.



On the occasion of the International Crafts Fair in Munich, Urban was awarded a gold medal by the Bavarian Minister-President for their corner cleaning machine for PVC windows. After that, Urban quickly developed to a top company.





Inclusion in the Eumacop catalogue, the register of the largest purchasing association in Europe. This resulted in a further increase in demand for Urban welding and corner cleaning machines.



More products were added in the area of 1-point welding machines (AKS 3300 for separate angle and sash welds), and in the area of corner cleaning machines (SV 400 with grooving knives and milling sets).





The technology is developed and improved and Urban introduces the SV 300 – the first corner cleaning machine equipped with a flat cutting knife, a cutting knife block or cutter for producing the outer contour of the window.



The development of the AKS 3000 series marked another milestone in the design of welding machines at Urban. This machine allowed the production of angle, sash and cross welds.





The first automatic corner cleaning machine, the SV 1000, is launched. This represents a minor revolution. Fast machining of the outer corner was now possible without exposure to hazardous dust. The machine became a best seller.


The first 2-point welding machines of the AKS 4000 series were developed. Requiring only half the welding time, this machine allowed for doubling the capacity.





The final breakthrough of Urban welding machines at the BAU trade show in Munich, where the company presented technical improvements, including equipment with pneumatic cylinders. Seven machines were sold right from the trade stand. More orders followed.



Relocation to the current headquarters in Dornierstraße 5 in Memmingen and construction of new production and warehouse facilities including a residential building. The product range and the number of staff increased continuously.





The PVC profile had a breakthrough and resulted in the beginning of the demand for automatic welding machines. The time for the company Urban had come, which was perfectly equipped for this thanks to its expertise in the manufacture of construction site transformers. The first prototypes were produced.



The company grew constantly and acquired a larger building including residential house, sales room, repair shop and storage hall. The 50-60 employees worked almost exclusively for the German Postal Service, installing overhead cables and completing cable soldering work.





Opening of an electrical installation company with shop in Memmingen. Its main activities included the repair and sale of electric devices.