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As the elements get bigger and heavier, the window and door manufacturer has to come up with something. And the best thing is to ask Urban. Olaf Schulz from MB Fenstertechnik GmbH & Co. KG in Gransee (north of Berlin) has done just that and is impressed.

With the latest investment, the manual processes have been technically supported and optimized in a way that the previous travel times have been almost completely eliminated. A glass logistics system, a glazing unit and various tilting tables for the heavy lifting and sliding doors ensure optimized handling in the logistics of the production process. For the perfect assembly of roller shutters MB Fenstertechnik invested in a roller shutter assembly table by Urban.

Perfect cut of the glazing beads

Also included in the current investment package was the GLS 200/S glazing bead saw with length stop LAEG 2600

"We have been working with Urban since 1993 and are very satisfied, especially with the service Urban offers. The employees are not only competent, there is always someone available and the company reacts immediately in case of an incident. This is what connects us", says Olaf Schulz.

So it was almost logical that Fred-Karsten Karl from Urban's sales team was again the first contact person for Olaf Schulz and his team in the current optimization process.

MB Fenster Technik production

Dem Spezialisten von Urban macht das Tüfteln sichtlich Spaß: „Ich liebe diese Herausforderungen“, sagt Fred-Karsten Karl und hat das wieder einmal eindrucksvoll bewiesen.

The Urban specialist obviously enjoys tinkering with things: "I love these challenges", says Fred-Karsten Karl and has proven this once again impressively. "Every production is different.

At MB Fenstertechnik we had to integrate the logistics in an extremely narrow hall. I had strain my grey cells a bit. It's great that it worked out again", says Urban's Mr. Logistik.


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