CUT­-Technology for butt welding

H.O. Schlüter uses AKS 9610 from Urban


That the H.O. Schlüter GmbH with head office in Lübz (Mecklenburg­Vorpommern) and Hanerau­Hademarschen ( S c h l e s w i g ­ H o l s t e i n ) has excellent ideas first became known in 2016. At that time managing director Sven Thomsen received the Bavarian State Prize at the craft trade fair in Munich. And namely for the automatic window ventilation solution, as soon as the CO2 content in the interior reaches a certain value, developed by him and his team.

Große Elemente schweißt H.O. Schlüter auf  der Acht-Kopf-CUT von Urban.

Those who want to realise excellent solutions also require excellent machine technology. This originated at H.O. Schlüter in the plastics plant in Lübz from Urban – and that in a particular configuration. Production manager Axel Sensenhauser and his team employ two High-End welding machines from Urban from the brand new CUT-Generation. One AKS 9610 with four welding heads takes care of the wings, for the frame line H.O. Schlüter even uses an AKS 9610-eight-head machine. With good reason: On four welding heads the transoms are butt welded.

"We produce almost exclusively for property construction and regardless, whether windows or lift-up sliding doors: Here presently especially large elements are in demand and as a rule these also have high heat-insulating triple glazing", explained Axel Sensenhauser, why H.O. Schlüter produces almost exclusively frames with transoms.

The further processing is naturally also carried out in the High-End area. Wings and panel frames end up in the two-head welding bead buffing machine SV 840 from Urban, the newly developed turbo model among the w e l d i n g bead buffing machines. However as far as Axel Sensenhauser is concerned, it not only depends on speed: "Of course the cycle time must be right, but much more important is the quality of the corner joint. With the CUT-machines from Urban this is really excellent. We make extraordinary windows and doors, one sees that at first glance".

In the production the team from H.O. Schlüter saves a process step, because thanks to the CUT-welding technology, the wings and panel frames no longer have any visible groove and therefore shine with a particular harmonious look. "Before we after-painted the groove manually with the matching paint. This step is now omitted", said Sensenhauser. Urban-know-how also facilitates the work in the logistics at H.O. Schlüter. Several years ago the team in Lübz installed the automatic wing-fitting machine FBA and an automatic stacking solution from Urban.