Two become one: Bruckbauer optimizes

One production line replaces the two previous - technology again from Urban

When trust has grown over 40 years, it is clear that there are no experiments with new investments.

Bernhard Bruckbauer in front of Urban machine

"We really have been a satisfied Urban customer from the beginning and nothing will change about that", says Bernhard Bruckbauer, the managing partner of Josef Bruckbauer GmbH & Co. KG from Cham-Altenmarkt in Lower Bavaria.

Founded in 1972, the company has been manufacturing plastic windows since the 80s and has relied on Urban's quality and know-how right from the start.



Streamlining was a success

"We wanted to streamline ourselves during the reorientation of production in Altenmarkt, and this has worked out excellently thanks to the help of Urban," says Bruckbauer.

Instead of the previous two production lines one single line now takes care of the production of windows and doors at Bruckbauer. The heart of the optimized production are a fourhead welding machine AKS 6410/4 and a corner cleaning machine SV 530/4-C including turning station WT 535. Of course, the logistics have to play a part in the streamlining concept, that is why Bruckbauer also invested in the automatic destacking and in a semiautomatic solution for sash assembly and glazing.


Bruckbauer production